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By Jason Westlake

I was enjoying a glorious bright sunny day
Strolling along a nice tropical beach
I was taking in nature's beauty and relaxing my mind
When, WHAM! A wave hit me and knocked me right down

I felt a tugging sensation as I slowly came to
While the undertow was dragging me straight out to sea
Irritated and determined, I quickly got up
Right as another wave came and knocked me back down

So I decided to fight even harder than before
Only to be beaten and battered quite a bit more
I realized the ocean was winning an unfair fight
A fight I didn't want, a fight I didn't start

I pleaded and begged with my unrelenting foe
What did I ever do to deserve such a chore?
Can I please just return to where I was before
Back on that beautiful faraway shore?

The ocean, not caring, went in for the kill
And I slowly, but surely, lost all my will
I began to tread water, hoping not to drown
And I noticed people relaxing on that faraway shore

I flailed my arms, I hoped they would notice
But my faith soon left me as time quickly passed by
Why can't they see me? Why don't they help?
Do I not matter? Is my predicament unreal?

I continued to struggle in quiet desperation
Knowing I had no way back to the beach
Why had I been given such unbeatable problems?
So hard and unfair, so difficult to bear

When I could not possibly take any more
Something brushed my leg and wrapped around tight
Slimy seaweed was enjoying its prey
Clamped on like handcuffs, latched on like a noose

The seawater trickled into my unwilling nose
Invading my lungs as I slowly sank down
I tasted the salt, and I angrily thought
Who could design such a cruel series of events?

My body went limp, and my mind went numb
I closed my eyes and gave up in defeat
I sent out one last plea before I would die
Lord, please save me, you're the only One left

Something then brushed my leg once again
I said, "Thanks a lot, more kelp like before"
But this time I felt a lifting sensation
I was bewildered and shocked, and I shot a glance down

A gliding dolphin had come to save me from death
And it carried me all the way back to the shore
Holding on for dear life was all I could do
But He asked no more, and it was enough

Even though my life can seem overwhelming at times
And I might not be ready for those giant pounding waves
I may not even see any possible way out
Yet a divine hand is still there, steady and sure

Always pulling me through when I'm at my wit's end
He finds the way when it seems I do nothing
And all that He fairly asks in return
Is for all that I can do, and He'll do the rest.



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