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What are some practical ways I can work on my Emunah?

There are many different avenues to work on emunah. Just as in any relationship, multiple simultaneous approaches work best but no one method works for everyone. Here are a few ideas of a very non-exhaustive list:
· Contemplating Hashem’s greatness is a great start.

· Focusing on the complexity of nature – or any aspect of it – to appreciate the Creator

· Focusing on the goodness that Hashem has done for me personally – including that He

  • Granted me life
  • Gave me the ability to think and perceive 
  • Blessed me with the many talents I have
  • Made me Jewish
  • Allowed me to discover the truth of Torah
  • Provided me with vision and the ability to hear and to walk and wiggle my fingers
  • Gave me an awesome year of growth in Eretz Yisrael!
  • Etc. etc.

· Prayer – not as a one-way ritual. But as feeling that I am really being listened to and understood by my Father who is yearning for me to call out to Him

· Being more proactive in mitzvos in a way that they are really being integrated into who I am

· Doing chesed whenever the opportunities arise with the thought that I am emulating Hashem

· Etc. Etc. Etc

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