Pesach: Real Freedom

Written by Ayelet Gordon on Tuesday, 12 April 2016. Posted in Pesach, Thoughts for Yom Tov

From slaves of Paroh to slaves of HaShem

Every year we spend seider night discussing how we were taken out of Egypt and how now we are free. But are we really free?
Every morning we wake up and have to say Modeh Ani; there is a way I need to tie my shoes, I can't wear what I want to wear, or eat what I want to eat.
We changed from being slaves to Paroh to being slaves to HaShem.
So how can there be an entire yom tov where we celebrate a people who have become freed by one master only to become immediately enslaved by another? 
True freedom is when I am able to reach my full potential.
When I walk into a room and try and impress those around me by faking who I am I feel constrained, trapped and enslaved whereas when I am surrounded by people who know my talents and help me to use them to the full I then feel free. 
Through the mitzvos and the Torah I am able to reach my potential.
G-d who created us is the only One who knows exactly what we need inorder to gain meaning in our lives and to be all that we can be. Each mitzva is there to help us to develop into a better person, who can reach their potential!  And if I don't understand this or feel this its upto me to ask and understand more.
So yes, we were taken from being slaves in Egypt to being slaves to HaShem. But unlike when we were enslaved in Egypt, we now have a chance to live a life where all that we do enables us to reach our true potential and become all that we can be. - we are now the lucky ones of the world who are truly free

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After completing a degree in England, Ayelet now has the privilege of living in Israel, teaching in a number of semimaries. 

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