Standing Before The King

on Wednesday, 23 March 2016. Posted in Leaders of the Generations

A perspective on teffilah

When Rav Moshe Feinstien used to daven, he never moved a limb in his body. You would never find him shockeling with kavannah, but rather, standing extremely still.

His Talmidim once asked him why he did this from his reply, we can learn a lot.

He said he once was summoned before the powerful Tzar. He found that once he walked into the room is became paralysed with fear. He couldn't move a limb.

Walking out, he thought to himself that if this is the way he reacts to a human king­ one made of mere flesh and blood, how much more so when standing in front of the King of all Kings should one be trembling in fear and trepidation.

When we take three steps forward to daven Shemonah Esrei, do we realise who we are standing in front of?

From a class by Rebbetzin Miller, material from Rav Shimshon Pinkus


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