Who Runs The World?

on Wednesday, 23 March 2016. Posted in Thoughts for Yom Tov, Purim


The root of Purim is the word ‘pur’, which translates as ‘lottery’.

A lottery is the most blatant sign that HASHEM IS IN CHARGE. On Purim we see that Hashem can do anything and little me in the big wide world doesn’t really have any control over what Hashem wants in the grand scheme of things

That is one reason of why men are commanded to drink­ we lose our inhibitions but are still safe and secure in the knowledge that Hashem is running the show.

When Haman wanted to kill the Jews, he did so through the means of a lottery, so he’d be able to believe that it’s the way G­d planned for it to be. When he picked out the date for the death of Moshe, he took this as a sign that it was ordained by Heaven. What he didn’t know was that this date­ 13th

Adar­ carried tremendous power as the date of Moshe’s birth too.

Hashem is the only one who is in charge and this should provide us with much comfort. In the good times there is a lot of thank Him for, allowing you to experience the highs. Similarly, during the hard times life will throw at you, you can be sure that same G­d is providing you with opportunities for growth and connection to Him. Have faith that the One who put you in your situation, can provide you with a way out too.

Happy Purim.

From a class by Rebbetzin Miller, material from Rav Shimshon Pinkus

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