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TOPIC: Learning how to love Hashem

Learning how to love Hashem 7 years 8 months ago #631

Honestly, a huge problem I used to have was that I saw Hashem as this overbearing boss Who was never satisfied or happy with whatever I did. No matter how Mitzvos done, Mishnayos learned, or Shemone Esreis davened, I was never happy because I thought that He was never happy. What people have to understand is that Hashem doesn\'t need anything. Your davening literally means NOTHING to Him. Why do we do it then? It\'s for our sake. Hashem loves us too much to just shower us with brachos without earning it! Hashem\'s favorite thing to do is to shower humanity with Brachos. But when we earn it, it feels so much better. So basically, I finally realized that there\'s no use in getting upset over thinking that Hashem isn\'t satisfied with whatever I did, because He can\'t. It isn\'t His nature. So I started thinking of what I did not as an obligation to fulfill, but more of a \"relationship fertilizer.\" It\'s like when a husband would get his wife new clothes or his wife would make her husband a nice Shabbos dinner. What I did with Hashem (davening, Mitzvos....) only between us. Then I started feeling much better.

TLDR: You can\'t ever satisfy Hashem because He can\'t be satisfied. Therefore, there\'s no use in trying. The point of davening and doing Mitzvos isn\'t to satisfy Hashem, it\'s to create a loving relationship with Him. Whenever you do a Mitzvah or daven, you\'re just talking with your Father shebeshamayim.
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Learning how to love Hashem 7 years 3 months ago #638

ok so hashem loves frum jews, and just because you\'re not doing everything right, He is still happy with whatever you are doing.There\'s endless room to grow so duh He wont be happy if you just stop with everything because there\'s too much to do but that\'s not the right attitude
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