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TOPIC: How do I tell them I think it's wrong?

How do I tell them I think it's wrong? 3 years 1 month ago #949

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during bein hazmanim some of my friends want to go on trips to places i dont think is a good idea to go for spiritual reasons and stuff but I dont want to sound nerdy and say i cant go because im too frum for it. im scared i will be dragged with them. how can i say no thanks and even get my friend interested in going to place that im comfortsable with without coming off as too frum?
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How do I tell them I think it's wrong? 3 years 1 month ago #950

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Some answers from shabbat.com:

Elle Hansen
Outstanding question. The three weeks, in my experience, is always an inauspicious time for us. It's wise to be mindful of that during the three weeks.

Ariell Bitton
Sound nerdy. You don't need to apologize for doing what makes you happy. "Not for me", that's it

Fun One
I commend you for wanting to do the right thing. It isn't easy not to give in to peer pressure. I would recommend that perhaps you suggest another activity that you are more comfortable with and don't go into the reasons why. Or if you're feeling more confident, just explain that you don't think you'll feel good about yourself after partaking in an activity that you know isn't right for you. In the end, it really doesn't matter what your peers think. I really DOES matter what Hashem thinks of you and He will reward you a thousand times over for doing the right thing. Much hatzlacha to you!

Morozow Family
From experience it can be hard. Yasher koach for wanting to do the right thing. Maybe suggest places that you want to go to? Again, speaking from experience, maybe it's best to tell your friends your honest feelings. If your friends are true friends, they'll be accepting of you and want to do what's best for you. If they're going to shun you because you're too religious for them, then that's not a real friend and why would you want a fake friend?
As for needing friends, all you need is 1 true friend. If these friends don't make you feel comfortable, if they're not the type of people you'd want your children hanging out with, then really think over your friendship.
Wishing you the best of luck, and may Hashem give you the strength to do what's right.

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