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TOPIC: Lag B'Omer Conversation

Lag B'Omer Conversation 6 years 2 months ago #572

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I want to share with you all a email conversation I had with a humble Rov (who prefers not to be named :-)

I have a question...

I know all the chassidim love Lag B'omer, but then you have the Briskers (I'm thinking of being around my friend's husband) who thinks the dancing around bonfires is bittul torah and he continues with business as usual and goes for night seder.

I'm not asking for explanations of why we do things, but what is the LITVISH, balanced approach to Lag B'omer and everything that happens?



This is one of those questions that if you ask two litvaks, you’ll get three answers. Generally speaking, the Litvish approach is not to take Lag Ba’Omer too seriously – except as a means of being mechazek our children. Most misnagdim will tell you that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai would not want us to be mevatel Torah and that those who could learn Torah should learn Torah. But for the children, anything that can give them a richer religious experience is welcome as a chinuch motivation.

Hope this helps…


It does help and I love what you said about a child's experience- that can be applied to many aspects of a Torah life.

I hope you don't mind if I take this further.

We just had a class explaining how great R' Shimon Bar Yochai was e.g no other tzaddik has a day of commemoration, R's Shimshon Pinkus says that when Hashem said 'let us make man', the 'man' He had in mind was Rashbi.

So is there something unique about this day? (Even though we should anyway never do things that are bittul torah)

Does it hold special miracle/ davening powers?


Once again, it depends who you ask. But no one will stop you if you want to daven extra hard on Lag Ba'omer. Moreover, any experience that will excite people (even adults) and motivate them to do more mitzvos and connect to Hashem cannot be a bad thing - as long as it not contravening halacha.

So in conclusion, it really doesn't matter if Lag Ba'Omer has special miracle/ davening powers...


I forgot how much I love the answers you give. Questions don't become questions anymore.

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