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TOPIC: Irrefutable proof

Irrefutable proof 3 years 5 months ago #710

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B'ezrat Hashem

Emuna in Hashem

The Torah concept of emuna has no relation to the irrational notion of dogmatic faith, but to reasonable faith, the foundation of modern science. Hence, the widely held belief that emuna requires a leap of faith is erroneous.

The phenomena of nature are a function of an infinitely complex rational system of laws of energy expressed in mathematical equations. This is known by induction, to come to the understanding to believe in the laws of nature, as the law itself is never observed, only its effects.

No rational mind doubts this fact, and considers possible that the energy of existence is moving (which is itself a function of laws) completely at random, the whole universe, on all levels of existence, being the product of chance, its continuation a mere illusion, there being nothing preventing matter from simply dissipating into pure energy, and, in reality, a system of laws does not exist.

Despite that there is no logical contradiction in assuming the latter, every rational mind is certain that a correlation between the abstract mathematical equations of physics and the phenomena of nature exists, and the combinations of energy are governed by laws.

This certain belief, known as the uniformity of nature, and what makes the establishment of scientific theories possible, is based on the axiom: no rational system can be done by chance, as defined by Dr. Chaim Zimmerman in his book, Torah and Reason, chapter 10.

In that chapter we learn that as one who contemplates nature cannot accept that the motion of energy to form the universe could be by chance, but is certainly a function of laws, so the system of laws, which itself is the genius of the universe, could not be done by chance.

On the laws themselves there can be no evolution. Each law is a separate premise in the system and does not depend on any outside factor.

If anyone could believe that the system of laws could be done by chance, whatever that means, then the basis for its very existence is destroyed. As no rational mind can doubt the existence of the system of laws, so no rational mind can doubt its being created.

Thus, the emuna in Hashem encompasses the belief in the uniformity of nature.
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