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TOPIC: Is He upset with me?

Is He upset with me? 5 years 9 months ago #75

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For those who feel like the place they're at now is not one to be proud of... I have a spoiler alert:

Hashem cares very little as to where we are now in our religiosity. What He notices is WHERE WE ARE HEADING

[WHAT!? :huh: :ohmy: I hear you say!]

Picture a room bare of anything other than four walls, a ladder, and no ceiling.
Each wall faces a different direction, and the view on top of each is very different than the other 3.

Which wall will you place that ladder against as you begin your climb out?
What view do you eventually wish to gaze upon once you've reached the top of that wall?

Times square at midnight?
The Mets stadium?
Wall street?
... Heaven?
True you may not reach the top for a while,
but against which wall are you placing your ladder NOW?

DO NOT try and conquer everything in one day.
You will not manage to fully keep Shabbos and dress completely tznius and not, and not, and not, etc. overnight.
And if you try too, you will fail.

Growth is a ladder, not an escalator or even a flight of steps.
Escalators require no effort at all on our part.
Steps can be skipped and you can climb them two at a time.
A ladder needs climbing rung by rung. One at a time.

Religious growth must be on a ladder.
And the view on top of that wall will take your breath away with its absolute beauty.

As long as your ladder is leaning on the right wall...
'A person can't decide to sit on the sidelines in this world. Once we're born, we're on the playing field that means we have to pick up that ball of life's challenges and begin running with it towards our goal'
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