A Little Bit - Poem

Written by StillFighting on Monday, 07 May 2018. Posted in Poetry

Sometimes when we want so much all we need is a little bit to move on

A Little Bit - Poem

Although I've tried and tested you

Till I discovered who you are

Although I've strayed and questioned

Still, I've come this far

At times I couldn't find you anywhere

Felt no love, no light to see

But now i'm looking back at footprints

I know, don't belong to me

So I turn to you with trusting eyes

As a I father, I call mine

If now I understand I didn't make it

But you've been carrying me all this time

I ask of you just one more thing

Though It may not be my last

It isn't big for your infinity

Just a little bit I ask

Help me hold out, a little bit longer

Have faith, thats, a little bit stronger

Hanging by a thread

I hold my breath

Hoping that you still didn't forget

Help me hang on, a little bit tighter

See life, in shades, a little bit brighter

Exhale and live

Allow, forgive

Knowing that my futures on your list

Help me connect, a little bit deeper

Make pain, my, greatest teacher

Go with the flow

I'm letting go

Knowing you're the One that's in control

So G-d take this as a written prayer

I know blue skies follow those that's grayer

So from where you sit

Say that this is it

And help me out, if just... a little bit

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StillFighting is a user active on the forum. She writes poetry and will be posting a poem here once every week or two.


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  • Hadas Bat-el

    Hadas Bat-el

    07 May 2018 at 18:15 |
    This is awesome!


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