Breaking Free

Written by Hadassi Shachar on Monday, 30 March 2015. Posted in Poetry, Pesach, Working on yourself

I feel locked in a cage
trapped and  wishing someone to blame
But complaining won’t help me
from these weights please set me free

Shackled with chains
stuck with bars on my cage
pulling the lock in frustration
where’s the key to my salvation?

I need to let go, I need to calm down
I want to fly up and never look down
I want to grow and get stronger you see
but only if someone would set me free

Looking around for a key or a door
Everything and anything that could be more
I want to live, I want to be me
But who am I who will set me free?


Who locked me in
That couldn’t of been me?
Is it true that I really have
the key?

I can change!
I can unlock myself from this maze

Hey guys, Pesach is all about FREEDOM. What is FREEDOM?
FREE in many people’s minds mean we someone has taken away our rights.  Many times we feel something is blocking us, and it’s all to easy to blame it on anything else. External factors, other people. Like if someone is bothering you, you blame them, it’s THEIR fault you got angry, THEIR fault…you get the point.

It’s hard to recognize that our ego, insecurities, bad middos, are blocking us. Hard to recognize the need to change. It’s hard to change. I get that. But admitting is the first step to freedom. Every little step is important, that’s why this holiday is so important! It symbolizes the first step…and everything that came after it. For if you don’t start, how can you ever change?

We can choose for ourselves. Don’t let people choose for yourself.
Break free.
Nows the time.
I know you can.


About the Author

Hadassi Shachar

This is me.
I am Hadassi.
I dream.
I fight.
Welcome to my world.

Why blog?
Well, in real life people know me. I’m pretty friendly, I like to socialize with everyone, smile and say hi, and will become friends will a stranger on a bus. I’m an frum chareidi Jews, in the BY system- 11th grade. I’m that type of girl that is always happy, and spreads her mood to everyone. I’m not the advice girl. Now I’m thankful for who I am, for everything G-d has given me that brought me to here, but I want to share it!!! I have a infectious personality, I can share my moods easily, why not my thoughts? My parents don’t listen to me, people don’t come to me for advice. Adults don’t listen to my opinion on life, but here-people do. I can affect someone on the other side of the ocean!

I’ve been through a lot, I can share my struggles without adults in my life getting into my business. Anyway, I’m a fighter and dreamer. I dream of helping and inspiring the whole world and see good and happiness wherever I go. And when tragedy befalls me as it most often seems to do, I fight. I keep going. I make a blog, I write a book, I dream of making a CD (or dare I say a few?) This is me. I want people to see me, I want to inspire, help-, dream, and fight.

I’m glad you liked my blog. Please feel free to subscribe and forward my message onto your friends. So my dreams can become a reality. So I can help others fight too. To share my message, flame, and who I am.

This is a place I hope to express my musings on my life, my struggles, and just about me!

This is me.
I am Hadassi.
I dream.
I fight.
Welcome to my world.


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