Fat and Spirituality- What is going higher?

Written by Hadassi Shachar on Thursday, 11 June 2015. Posted in Connecting to G-d, Motovation and Inspiration, Parables

What does it mean to go higher spiritually?
Does it mean saying extra tehilim (Psalms) in between classes?
Does it mean davening (Praying) 3 times a day like the men do?
Does it mean wearing longer skirts?
Wearing looser shirts?
What does it mean.

What is the essense of getting higher?
When we say we are trying to grow spirituality, what does that mean in day to day terms. In simple english?

If you were going to explain to a young child what it meant, what would you say?

Hopefully, I will answer these questions at the end of this post-meanwhile, I want to compare our ruchniyus struggle, our struggle in evertrying to grow spirituality to something anybody can relate to- the struggle of being healthy.

What is one of the most popular dreams in gashmiyus (physicality) in the world?
Something not possible, something everyone wants…
C’mon? Haven’t you guessed yet?
It’s not to be rich, it’s not to be super smart-
It is to- Eat without getting fat.

I don’t know who you are that is reading this, but I can almost agree you relate to this. Everyone wants to by skinny, but eat. Everyone wants to be something withoutthe work.

Just like in ruchniyus. Just like in spirituality. We all want to get higher without doing the work, No? But there’s no shortcut. We have to do the work! We all want to be fit, but there’s work involved in that. And just like with staying fit, you can do a major workout once in a while, a long hike for a day or something/A major high in spirituality from a speech, friends, teacher, or holiday- but you gotta keep working, keeping up, day to day. You do a daily workout-you daven-pray daily. You start walking to school-you start wearing longer skirts.

Back to the begining. Longer skirts-does that equal spirituality?
What is spirituality?
It means doing things in the name of G-d. Trying your best.
Maybe you aren’t supposed to be the one girl that says tehilim 24/7, instead you do tons of chesed, you have a special mitzvah to call your own, you…

You are unique. You cannot compare anyone else’s spirituality journey to your own. Just like each body needs a different ammount of food, sleep, fitness. Different types of fitness, different body structure, shape, and other things are factors in why your journey is different. Same thing with ruchniyus. No one has got a soul like yours, a life like yours, battles like yours…

You can’t compare.
Be you.
No one else.
For if you don’t do your job.
Who will?

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I am Hadassi.
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This is me.
I am Hadassi.
I dream.
I fight.
Welcome to my world.


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