Letter to a dear friend

Written by Hadassi Shachar on Wednesday, 20 May 2015. Posted in Poetry

To my dear friend,
The yetzer hara is so evil. Makes the same of wrong and right.
Though once it was so easy, till Adam took the first bite.
Triumph and disaster. Good and bad intertwined, confined, and misunderstood.
Ring around the rosie, fast, fast, then faster. With a sudden stop silence reigned in our woods.
A pocket full of posies, good and Steady, then backwards-we toppled over, head over heels.
We looked at other in shock. Strange new feelings came, were they real?
Gone was what we built in the round and the round.
Left us confused-In the ashes and ashes as we all fell down.
We looked at the rubble, can we concoct it all again?
I think we can do better, don’t you think so my friend?
There is so much to think about as time turns its hands.
Sometimes there is a painting of colorful scribbles and we don’t understand.
When we are ready answers will come. When we understand we will rise.
The purpose of a decent is always to ascend, which we will do and we will fly.
So now dear friend our one and only job is to just hold on to Has hem truly tight.
If we wait patiently, no ,after how painful it is to do nothing we will win this fight.
I am putting all my feelings into these riddles only you will get.
For only you can read between the lines to understand my hidden messages.
This is my way of showing you what is in my heart.
For I know only through this way will you connect to my root, at the start.
So dear friend, I’m not here to preach, nor give you answers for I have none.
I am here as your friend, your wall, the one who gets me without words, just here as someone.
Someone who knows.
Someone who cares.
Love, your friend

About the Author

Hadassi Shachar

This is me.
I am Hadassi.
I dream.
I fight.
Welcome to my world.

Why blog?
Well, in real life people know me. I’m pretty friendly, I like to socialize with everyone, smile and say hi, and will become friends will a stranger on a bus. I’m an frum chareidi Jews, in the BY system- 11th grade. I’m that type of girl that is always happy, and spreads her mood to everyone. I’m not the advice girl. Now I’m thankful for who I am, for everything G-d has given me that brought me to here, but I want to share it!!! I have a infectious personality, I can share my moods easily, why not my thoughts? My parents don’t listen to me, people don’t come to me for advice. Adults don’t listen to my opinion on life, but here-people do. I can affect someone on the other side of the ocean!

I’ve been through a lot, I can share my struggles without adults in my life getting into my business. Anyway, I’m a fighter and dreamer. I dream of helping and inspiring the whole world and see good and happiness wherever I go. And when tragedy befalls me as it most often seems to do, I fight. I keep going. I make a blog, I write a book, I dream of making a CD (or dare I say a few?) This is me. I want people to see me, I want to inspire, help-, dream, and fight.

I’m glad you liked my blog. Please feel free to subscribe and forward my message onto your friends. So my dreams can become a reality. So I can help others fight too. To share my message, flame, and who I am.

This is a place I hope to express my musings on my life, my struggles, and just about me!

This is me.
I am Hadassi.
I dream.
I fight.
Welcome to my world.


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