Me and You

Written by StillFighting on Tuesday, 12 June 2018. Posted in Poetry

And nothing else matters

Me and You

All the voices faded around me
Night descends, the day is through
All the world is long since sleeping
Now, it's just me and You

Just me and You
Just me and You
Alone, both awake still
I open my mouth to speak some words
Make the empty silence fill

To take my worry my days events
To take my gratitude and pain
To take the quiet moment I have
And softly call out your name

To hear you answer my whispered cries
Acknowledge my thankful heart
Tonight, it's just, me and You
And nothing can take that apart

I tell of your kindness you showered today
I tell you of fears deep within
I beg for compassion and send up a prayer
That from here on I no longer sin

It's the privacy, of me and You
It's closeness i'm privileged to feel
It's just one suspended moment in time
Our relationship is tangibly real

I cry out in frustration, beg for mercy
I ask to know more of You
For clarity to guide every move
And for all of my dreams to come true

I know you presence lingers aside me
I feel your embrace strong and tight
Tonight I know there's hope still alive
I have no doubts it'll all be alright

I wish tomorrow, when light filters in
When sun and the moon switch places
I wish tomorrow with all those loud noises
I'll still find you in empty spaces

Maybe call out your name here and there
Step back, prioritize what's true
And know, there's room inside me
Where it's stiil, Just me and You


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StillFighting is a user active on the forum. She writes poetry and will be posting a poem here once every week or two.


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