Mountain Climbers - Poem

Written by StillFighting on Tuesday, 01 May 2018. Posted in Poetry

By Still Fighting, May 1 2018

Mountain Climbers - Poem

Before me stands a mountain range

Majestic, steady and strong

Around me stands those with experience

And I feel I don’t belong


Before me stands a mountain

As I slowly lift my eyes

Towering endlessly high above me

But I know I’ve got to try


Before me stands not just a mountain

But a hundred mountain peaks

Beautifully covered in layers of snow

And my heart inside grows meek


Before me stands the obstacles of life

The hurdles I must overcome

Before me’s a mountain, but along with the tools

And my journey has begun


Along with thousands of others

Each one set out on his own way

With hope in their hearts and faith in their souls

And the words needed to pray


But I take a step back to get another look

At a majestic mountain range

And I know with clarity only climbers

Have the ability to make it change


For each peak they reach, shrinks in size

With each fall it seems to grow

And slowly I see a shifting view

To the things I think I know


And suddenly my heart calls out

It’s voice screams without stop

A desire is born, so strong and fierce

To reach the mountain tops


Armed with faith, I don’t look back

I set out to start my climb

Below me the world slowly fades

With the things I’ve left behind

I struggle hard with every step

I fight hard to survive

My lips never stop to pray for help

And it keeps my faith alive

And each time I see a snow- covered peak

Glistening in the sun

My heart rejoices, but my mind knows

My task isn’t nearly done


Each peak brings another climb

Each hurdle overcome brings more

Each obstacle fought to clear my path

Are the keys to brand new doors


I hear voices warning me

From each place, another sound
Goals are reached by looking up
and you fall when you look down


Focus on the task at hand

Focus on the goal

For as each step makes you stronger

Along with it, it fuels your soul


Don’t let go of your desire

For you need it to achieve

Don’t stop your lips from prayer

For it means that you believe


And when the air thins out, it’s hard to breathe

A weakness seizes you tight

Extend your hand, reach our for help

And you’ll be guided through the night


When you tire from your climb

When you must rest for a bit

Hold on tight, don’t lose your grip

And know that you can’t quit


Know each life has got their mountain

The challenges we’ve got to climb

And inside the pain, you’ll feel the good

Coz’ there’s so much more to find


When you embrace each step as a lesson

When each fall strengthens your will

When overwhelmed by the height above you

And yet you’re climbing still


When the journey seems forever

But you cannot see the peak

When they tell you to be stronger

But you’re feeling oh so weak


When you’ve lost the people there to guide you

And your convictions disappear

Despite the efforts, despite the fear

You know you must get there


And even if you see no end

And the peak keeps getting higher

Know success is not to reach the top

But to become a mountain climb

About the Author


StillFighting is a user active on the forum. She writes poetry and will be posting a poem here once every week or two.


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