Music Favorites for August

on Sunday, 05 August 2018.

What am I listening to?

Music Favorites for August

Hey everyone!

I was thinking about doing a music related post. This is a new series where I just want to share with you what I’m listening to. Some of these songs are pretty new and others not so much. (You wouldn’t believe how much music has come out since the 3 weeks ended )

Without further intros here we go, in no particular order: 

  1. Seriously by Yonina. Does this need an explanation? I literally have an entire post dedicated to it.

  2. Lev Chadash by Elisha Birnbaum. This new pop/jazzy single is so unique, with the snapping and low guitar, it’s definitely my go-to song right now.

  3.  Hakol Od Efesher by Akiva. A soft guitar song that isn’t too slow or too fast. It’s motivational, and his voice is simply soft and strong, and hits all those notes. (It’s also not overshadowed by the music)

  4. Loshon Hora by Meir Green. This fast track that came out last week has got me dancing. It’s such a creative fun way to bring across an important, but serious message. Who ever thought a song about loshon hora could be so upbeat?

  5. Wake Up  by Ricka Razel. This is a pretty old song. Many people don’t even know Aron and Yonatan have a sister who sings too, and that the whole family is american. Ricka actually recently crowdfunded and is on her way to creating her first CD. I cannot wait for it to come out.

  6. Comme Les 0iseaux ‏by Ishay Ribo & Amir. This is a bit remixed version of Ishay Ribo’s Comme Les Oiseaux song from his recent CD, Shetach Afor. I’m loving the low remix vibe mixed with the Ishay Ribo’s style. This only came out something like 5 hours ago but I’m obsessed.
  7. Get Up AND Together by Judith Gerzi. I recently heard her sing live (The song Together) with my sister, her voice alone left my mouth open in shock. She has such a powerful voice with an amazing range, and I can vouch that there is no autotune on her CD. It’s all real. Her style is so much fun, it’s definitely jazz, and both her style and voice are extremely unique. I just want to dance every time I hear these songs!
  8. Far from Perfect by Soulja and Pinny Schechter. A beautiful collaboration. Pinny’s voice hits all those high notes, and the low rapping that I’m usually not a fan of really compliments the rest of the song.

  9. Waves of Faith by Naftali Blumenthal. Another motivational song, which also emphasizes that nothing in life comes from free, but if we work hard we can get there! This song is off his first CD which was released this past month. (Along with at least 100 other song)

  10. Pashut by Zevulun Natanov. Another new single! This song has a very unique sound to it; Low guitars, modern moderate beat. I’m hearing violin mixed with electric keyboard. The song is also a pretty unique message, talking about how even being a “pashut” Jew; Someone who is just doing Hashem’s will, just making it by, working on themselves, building a family is so not pashut at all.

    Zevulun stated the the song was inspired by all the many different “pashut” people he met while being a chabad shliach.

  11. Bein Ko Uvein Ko by Moshe Tavloki. To be honest I have no idea what most of this song means. But from what I understand it’s a motivational song. My favorite line is “And so for, I didn’t come just to opt out”, it’s a rough translation of a line that I’m not 100 percent sure that is what it’s saying.  In any case, I love the beat, and that’s what I think it’s saying…and that’s all that matters, right?

  12. Aba Tov by Dorshei Hashem. A upbeat song about getting closer to Hashem with a modern beat. My favorite part is when the music is subdued in the chorus and, of course the intro music.  I am kind a disappointed with it though, after recently hearing the non-jewish version in a restaurant last week. I didn’t know it was a parody! 

  13. Chayeich Litikvah by Tzach Hakim. I love how he incorporated an older famous song into his. (“Vihaikar”) The song is definitely his and NOT a mash-up, yet he adds it in so flawlessly, like spices on a dish. I love the the entire first stanza (Okay…maybe the ENTIRE song), especially the part about giving us Ohr, when we see Shachor. (Also repeated as the last line).

  14. Hide and Seek by Jacob Spike Kraus. This is such a fun song with an electronic twist. The modern beats are not overdone (as they are in many many many many many  TOO many, frum songs).

  15. Hey Love by Levi Robin. A slow soft country song made of violin, guitars, and piano with some no-lyrics-type-lyrics and a bit of modern beat sprinkled in to compliment everything else? Also his voice is perfectionism.

As a whole, the artists I really love to listen to, as in love almost every song of theirs are:

  • 8th day
  • Alex Clare
  • Ricka Razel
  • Ishay Ribo
  • Jacob Spike Kraus
  • Zusha
  • Levi Robin
  • Atzmus

I hope you liked this post, which of these songs are your favorites?
Do you have any new always-on-repeat songs?
Let me know in the comments BELOW!
Have a great day!

– Hadas Bat-el

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