Out in the Soccer Feild

Written by Hadassi Shachar on Sunday, 22 March 2015. Posted in Parables, Poetry

Life is like a Soccer game

I’m sure you all heard about the family from NY and the fire. Connecting this to last week’s post. Hashem commanded us NOT to take on kabbalos or extra things during a time of distress ONLY in a time of happiniess is it allowed. Since if you take it on in sadness, prayer, and worry, once those feelings vanish…so with your kabbbala. Instead let’s take something we already are doing and try harder!! More kavanah, thought, feelings.
Wishing you guys much Hatzlacha! <3 Hadassi

Walking around last shabbos, late friday night
wandering out alone, thinking about life
No I’m not scared of the dark, nor the drunk underage teens
It’s friday night, although late- Hashem is with me
Wishing I could change, I mean I know I really can
but when I try I always seem to fail, blame myself for a bad game plan
I got like a million friends, don’t ask me how,  but they did a 360
They changed directions, reversed their life around completely
I was looking at myself, saying “Why can’t you change?”
Turn yourself around, give Hashem an exchange
I was walking, and walking, I did not know to where
I found myself overlooking a soccer field which here is pretty rare
I thought how life was a soccer field, I began to make up a song- singing out loud
I truthfully really didn’t care who was around
We seem to all be running, so fast looking for connections
People run among you in all sorts  of different directions
Colors, cheers, goals, and scores, people screaming your name
Glitz and glam, torah, teivos all want you to help them win their game
But you gotta follow what’s important, learn to prioritize
Where you are going, what your goals are, what is the ultimate prize
My prize is to go up, with my potential following destiny
and maybe that’s not included with a change of 360
I was meant for other things, I’m going to give all I got
So as long as you do that you are worth anyone else lot

<3 Hadassi

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I am Hadassi.
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This is me.
I am Hadassi.
I dream.
I fight.
Welcome to my world.


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