Written by StillFighting on Tuesday, 22 May 2018. Posted in Poetry

We dont see the changes we've made till we've taken a good look in the mirror


Where I once recognized the face I saw

A face I knew so well

Once I reflected the person inside

But now, when mirrors fell...


Crashed all the pieces of a perfect face

Shattered all over the floor

Where once it stood - where once I saw

My image is no more


The person that I used to be

Faces a blank wall

When pretenses seem to slip away

Just as mirrors fall


Once I knew my heart rhythms

Memorized each beat

Traced the patterns - it's ups and downs

Now lay fallen at my feet


I thought I knew each feature right

But recognition faded fast...

Who are you I ask silently

To the broken pieces of glass


Unfamiliar heart, a strangers soul

I know it can't be mine

Can I be someone so very different

Than what mirrors can define


Perception of myself might change

Confusing who I appear

Buried under things unknown

The real me is still there


You've changed. My face screams

And my reflection once agreed

But the cracks distorted features

Change my whole identity


No longer clear, no longer there

Turned away so I don't see

The reflection of a person

That I know no longer's me...


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StillFighting is a user active on the forum. She writes poetry and will be posting a poem here once every week or two.


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