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Written by Hadassi Shachar on Saturday, 23 August 2014. Posted in School

So, I’m going into 12th grade bezrat hashem, in a BY school. Super BY. Like if someone realized my real identity, I would get kicked out…
I respect their rules, I really do, rules are put there for a reason, which a completely understand. It makes sense to have the rules they have, but it ALSO makes sense that sometimes they are on a higher level than I’m on, so while I’m striving higher, I respect their rules, and do my best. Cuz rules are put there for us.
Even though we may not understand them, seriously, imagine a world without rules.
Have you read 20/20 vision? It’s a nice book, I read it when  I was younger, it’s not such a good book, but it makes for a somewhat interesting read. In that book, they describe a world without rules, where terrorists have thrown the world into such a panic, destroying worldwide electricity, suddenly, blowing up major bridges, and places and leaving everyone, including the governments running.

Sometimes we may not like the rules, and you know what, we don’t have to.
But the rules are here for us, and and our job in not always to do immediately what they ask of us, but to strive to be up there….sorta like a balla teshuva who doesn’t take on everything at once.
Obviously, sometimes rules really are ridiculous, but as mature teens, we can take out our emotions and realize that is the exception, and not the rule.
And many times, we want to know WHY a rule is being placed, and sometimes, we can’t know, like with the Torah.

But I think if you will ask nicely and politely for a real normal, practical explanation, you will be told.
And don’t settle for a short answer like “that’s the way it is” or “it’s not important” (Unless told by a trusted Rabbi that it is one of those things we are not meant to know)
If it’s an issue with Judaism, a Rabbi will usually give you time, and a explanation. (Sometimes, even if it’s not related AT ALL!!)

Don’t go through life without knowing what it’s all for, cuz it’s all for you!!!! :)
And you won ‘t find answers, unless you ask!!!
So when you think of something, write it down, and tell yourself to ask, whether teacher, mentor, madricha, parent, neighbor, older friend, or Rabbi.
There is an answer, you might not know it, or it might be a life mystery, but how will you know- if you don’t ask?!?!?
You were given the tools to ask, hands to write or type to someone, a mouth to ask, ears ti listen and not just hear…
You have the tools, just ask Hashem for help in using them….and help WILL come!!!!

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I am Hadassi.
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This is me.
I am Hadassi.
I dream.
I fight.
Welcome to my world.


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