The Internship

on Sunday, 03 May 2015. Posted in Motovation and Inspiration, Working on yourself

Hi, welcome. Step into my office. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Coffee? Tea? Cookie?

Please. Make yourself at home.

So… let’s look at your resume.

Degree in social work, extrovert, likes sport…

Aha! I see you have had an internship for the past 120 years. How did that work out for you?


And she woke up and it was all a dream.

Not so fast! That was no dream. That was a reality; a scenario of a reality we don’t understand. OK, so I am guessing it doesn’t exactly go like that. I mean, they don’t have coffee in heaven and they certainly don’t give out cookies in interviews. It is the same concept, though. After 120, you will be evaluated for how you lived your life. Now, I am not going to get all spooky with all that “what happens when we go to heaven” stuff. And I don’t want to get you rolling your eyes by talking about threatening consequences. That is not what is about to happen. What is going to happen, is me trying (and succeeding, I hope) to explain the brainwaves I had about a specific internship. The internship called life!

The day you entered the universe, you started this internship. You did not know it then, but over the years you started learning about the essence of life. You grew from that tiny, clueless baby to a curious child until finally, you embarked on the incredible journey to becoming the ambitious adult you can be. This is otherwise known as being a teenager. It’s ok. We all have to deal with it. I’m joking. Being a teenager is the most blissful one can experience. Wait, what?

Through every one of these stages, your search for the true meaning of this internship only grew and continues to grow. Hence, explaining the fact that you are reading this.

Why do I keep calling life an internship? Why don’t I call it a job or a mission?

A job, you get paid for and a mission ends when you reach the goal. You also have the option whether or not to take on these things in the first place.

Life is not your decision; it is not something you took on. It is something you were given. Like an internship, you were given an opportunity to prove yourself. To see how low you can go, how high you can fly. Life, you do not get paid for and when you reach a goal, there is always another one.

You will always be the new girl. New girl? Is that a good thing? Yes, it is good thing!

You have a never ending fresh start. It’s like paying for one coffee and getting unlimited refills for the rest of your life, just better. Every single day is considered new, which means you choose what you do; who you impress; who you distress. Every little thing makes a world of a difference because you are always the new girl. You are always being counted on. You cannot imagine how much of a difference you make with every tiny decision.

You wake up each morning and you are a new person; you have one pebble in your hand so you can either make your ripple effect in the lake or in the ditch. It is completely and totally your call. Whichever the choice is, you are still given a new pebble the next day. That is basically the equivalent of winning the lottery every 24 hours, but again: better J

Let me ask you something. Is that not absolutely amazing?! Yes. It is!

I will admit it; we have a REALLY cool Boss.

So, when you get to that interview after 120, will you want that promotion? Do you want to sit with the big guys or do you have a plan to just keep photocopying papers and making coffee for the rest of eternity? (I did not mean to mention coffee so much. I think it’s the withdrawal)

The point is, in any internship, when it comes close to the end, we start waking up. Why wait until then to impress?! You want to stay awake for the whole ride! Just drink all the coffee you can. Get all those refills! (Sorry. Withdrawal.) Just stay awake and aware. You want to ace that interview and go sit with the big guys. So go do it! Throw your pebble in the lake. Make that ripple effect and get your promotion. It is in your coffee, I mean hands.

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