What’s it like to start up a website/What other people say…

Written by Hadas Bat-el on Tuesday, 09 January 2018. Posted in Poetry

What’s it like to start up a website/What other people say…

Hi everyone! Welcome! I have so much to say and I’m so excited about this blog! Right now the main thing on my mind is running all these start-ups. People ask me what I do all day, with no official job, apparently I have no life.

No life? I have at least 6 e-mails to check a day, running a gemach, starting a blog, and a website. I’ve blogged before and I’m pretty familiar with WordPress, and blogging in general.

Starting a website? Maintenance, bugs, issues, etc. that’s much harder. If you look at FHO, you’ll see there’s a bunch of stuff up from 2015. That’s because I tried to start it up in high school and gave up. Why did I give up? What made me start again now? That’s a story for another time..

But for now.

What could be so hard? Well, this is my to do list for FHO:
Forum up and updated – CHECK
Start blogging, and introduce more bloggers – CHECK..somewhat
Creating a way for bloggers to post themselves but not to be administrators.
Creating a way to subscribe to individual bloggers on FHO.
Figuring out how to see the statistics on visitors.

Once those are underway, the next step is getting an e-mail newsletter up and getting more articles up. All of these things will hopefully attract readers and people to the forum. This is kind of on the forefront of my to do list.

Along with running a gemach, writing articles, short stories, and essays to send into magazines, and believe it or not I also have a personal life! Friends, family, commitments, personal growth, spiritual growth, emotional growth.

I’m getting overwhelmed just writing all of this!

And the people on the street and the shadchans ask what I’m doing. I answer “Writing?”.
“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’m sure you can find a job soon”. They tell me.

Maybe I should just walk around giving out the URL to this post.
Or maybe I should stop worrying about what anyone else is saying.

The latter is the more sensible option.
But I still have a fantasy of just walking around in a sweatshirt with this full post printed on the back and just telling people to read it.

Oh well, I guess till then I’ll have to answer normal people answers.
It’s good to be normal sometimes.

I mean, although people’s comments can get to me, I’ve done all this, despite the fact that it’s not the conventional thing most single post seminary girls are doing.

So be normal.
You need to listen to people and what they say, but only as much as it will help you to move forward and push yourself. Once it crosses that line, disregard it. Keep your head up high and don’t look back, just forward.

That is one of the best pieces of advice I ever got.

What other people say
It happens every day
You meet another, hear another
Can’t push em away

They say listening is an art
There’s an ending and start
Listen enough to push you forward
Disregard once it reaches it’s border
They say listening is a tool
It has it’s own rules
Listen enough to push you forward
Disregard once it reaches it’s border
And don’t look back

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– Hadas Bat-el

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Hadas Bat-el

Hadas Bat-el

Hadas Bat-el is a writer, songwriter, and blogger. She is the founder of FrumHangOut and the head of the first ever gemach for Jewish music. She has a passion for writing and has had work published in a few major magazines. 

She likes blogging about FHO, life, thoughts, writing, poetry, photography, and whatever is on her mind.

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  • Mimi Starr

    Mimi Starr

    07 February 2018 at 02:00 |
    Love that thought, Hadas. Today, our lives have become all about what others will say and think. It's time to push past what's accepted and change the world!


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