Yerushalayim (Photography)

Written by Hadas Bat-el on Monday, 09 July 2018.

A photography collage of Jerusalem...

Yerushalayim (Photography)

Hello everyone!

I’m a day late, I know I know. But I had a relative here from the states and last minute I went out yesterday. Here’s my first photography post! I’m so excited to share this with all of you! I’m not a professional by any means but I do appreciate good art. Writing and photography definitely fall under that umbrella…

I have a pretty decent camera and I love to use it, I love picking up the beauty all around me that I see. It must be genetic because my brother, Avraham Hillel, is studying photography now, and some of the photos are taken by him. (Gotta give him some credit!). I keep joking that I’m going to do his marketing and copywriting, and in exchange he’ll take photo shoots of my kids someday 

I wanted to take more pictures of the festival but my camera died. 
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– Hadas Bat-el
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