You Promised Me Wings

Written by StillFighting on Monday, 14 May 2018. Posted in Poetry

I only noticed my wings long after I was flying

You Promised Me Wings

If I'd known dreams do come reality

Perhaps I would've dreamed longer

If I'd truly believed there was light at the end

Perhaps I'd have emerged stronger

I speak as a prisoner, a victim, slave
The voice of the past still has power
But it leads to a present of freedom and fight
That accompanies me every hour

Though dulled over time that heals our scars
Still our memories holds its grasp
I wish not to drag it's pain with me
But to make its lessons last

To hear the echo of my voice
That's cried behind those walls
And appreciate the place I've come
Recognize the blessing that falls

To keep an identity that I now own

Not swayed and changed by others

To take the heart thats been through it all

Not yet touched and tainted by another

For only one heart knows of my past
Only one soul knows what's been done
Just one pair of eyes seen all inside
And knows just how far I've come

Where confidence and care, challenge my fears

Love and acceptance pull through

Wisdom speaks clear, although always there

Only now I can see it as truth

Yes hell has an end, though nowhere in sight

I look at the ashes beneath me

Burned by what hurt, still I've made it

Made a new path to my destiny

Shaking off the opinions and scorners

Letting go of the insecurity I build

Trying to settle for less than perfection

Looking for the empty spaces to fill

I'm a Victor in my world, I've made it

No more shackles can tie me down

You've stolen too many years I wanted

Don't take away the goodness I've found

You promised me wings


I asked not to walk but leap...

You promised me wings

And Abba...

I knew it's a promise You'd keep

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